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When I first started hustling and grinding to make myself known in the industry I didn’t give myself the opportunity to slow down. I didn’t give myself the time and space to be inspired, to create, or have a fresh perspective on my business. Over the years though I’ve learned the importance of investing in myself and allowing myself to have time to REFRESH where I’m at in the year.

I’m creating the REFRESH workshop so that other creatives like yourself can be in a space to learn from each other (myself included), have a new perspective on your craft, and ultimately be inspired to push yourself forward with your goals.

2) Who is this for?
At the end of the day, it’s for the creative. You don’t have to have a business or be in a place of starting one because at the end of the day you’re invited. You can sit with me (Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies). I’ve been in all stages of being a photographer and I want to be able to meet YOU where you're at and speak into that part of your life with our time together. 

However, the topics that will be covered during the workshop will include:

  • Camera Basics: shooting in manual, composition, camera functions
  • Business 101: branding, taxes, and finances
  • Editing: Lightroom basics
  • Three styled sessions: elopement, couples, and portraits session

3) Why am I doing this?
Since 2013 I’ve been to my fair share of workshops. I will continue to go to workshops as they are how I continue to learn and grow as a creative. With that being said, I’m doing this because you deserve a space where you can feel comfortable pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Where you can learn and grow from others as well as myself. Sometimes, we need workshops so that we can refresh those ideas in our heads that give us the passion to continue to create the work we do.

That’s why, haha.




Workshop Dates: March 29-30, 2019
Workshop Location: Cape Kiwanda (Pacific City, OR)
Number of Attendees: 8 Workshop Slots
Price: $850-$1150
(TBD, but will be similar to other workshops of the same duration and content. There will also be a payment plan for all attendees)

The planning of the workshop itself is still in the works, however, I will use this space to update people as more information comes along. Below is a contact form that I encourage you to fill out so that you can stay in the loop when new information comes out.

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