Portland, OR & Seattle, WA Photographer


Iron & Rye Photography offers three different Senior Collections to fit your needs and budget. Additional images can be added to your collection with each additional image being $10 per photo and maxing out at 10 additional images per collection.


For example: If you choose Collection One for $250.00 and wanted to add 10 more photos on top of the 15 included for that collection, your total would come out to $350.00 for the Session Alone.


So that there is no confusion, the prices listed below for the Collections only reflect the session itself and the amount of images you can choose from for your final products. All FINAL Senior Collection Galleries will be ready by May 1, 2019. This is to ensure that Iron & Rye delivers all Senior Collections at the same time as to not miss a client in the midst of a busy photography season. In addition, this ensures that any purchases made can be done and ready before graduation.

As mentioned above, there is an opportunity to purchase set packages and/or prints of the images. Prices for the packages and prints are listed below.







PACKAGE A: $300.00

Digitals of Full Collection

High-Resolution for Printing

Web-Size for Social Media

Personal Print Release

PACKAGE B: $150.00

3 - 8x10s

3 - 5x7s

3 - Sheets of Wallets (8/Sheet)

PACKAGE C: $100.00

2 - 8x10s

2 - 5x7s

2 - Sheets of Wallets (8/Sheet)

PACKAGE D: $80.00

1 - 8x10

1 - 5x7

2 - Sheets of Wallets (8/Sheet)




04x06 Print - $3.00

05x07 Print - $4.00

08x10 Print - $8.00

08x12 Print - $13.00

11x14 Print - $15.00

16x24 Print - $70.00

20x30 Print - $90.00

24x30 Print - $110.00

24x36 Print - $148.00

Sheets of Wallets - $8.00


08x10 - $172.00

11x14 - $213.00

16x20 - $303.00

20x30 - $438.00


Purchase of Prints and/or Packages will be done online through the client gallery that will be provided by May 1, 2018.
For each physical print that is purchased, the client will receive a web-size digital file of that image for social media usage only.



To book a session with me fill out the contact form below. I will be in contact with you to set up an initial consult meeting with senior and parent/guardian. Once we've had our consult, I will then send out a contract to be signed. A non-refundable retainer of 50% of your collection fee is due upon signing of the contract. This retainer will book the date of the session. The final 50% is due one (1) week before the session date.

Iron & Rye will not release any images or proof galleries if the balance is not $0.00

Please list dates and times for the next two weeks in which both the senior and parent/guardian are able to meet up for the initial consultation meeting. In this meeting I will briefly go over the contract. In addition, this meeting is an opportunity for me to get to know the senior a little bit before we go into their session. As far as meeting places go, I do not do meetings in my home or clients homes, but will happily meet at coffee shop of some kind. However, if there is a place that you would like to meet please indicate it along with the times you’ve listed.