It's kind of silly, when you think about it, to write a "Welcome" blog when there are at least a few other blogs already written. If it's your first time to my website though, maybe you stumbled upon this blog and are wondering what you can find. I don't blame you though for wanting to know where things may be and that's because going into 2017 I'm going to shuffle a few things around on the website so that I can begin to have a flow that makes sense to me and showcase content that is in the direction of what I want to shoot. Without future ado, below is each menu item and what you will find within it.



Previously, under this page you would find "Love" and "Seniors". As I move into 2017 and beyond I'm going to be focusing less on seniors and more on "Love" and "Personal" work. That being said, under this page is now "Love" (couples, engagements, and weddings) and "Personal" (anything styled or creatively inspired) work.

I hope to incorporate blogging more in 2017. The kinds of blogs I want to incorporate are preview blogs to engagement & wedding shoots, business related/intensive, and creative inspiration. Along with the blogs though, any work that I do that doesn't fall under the portfolio (Seniors, Events, and Project People) will be found here.

That's pretty self-explanatory, but want to learn more about me? Well, good luck because I'm pretty vague as is in my About Me, haha. Just know that I love what I do and value every part of the process from beginning to end. I love adventures. I think that's it!

Again, another self-explanatory section, but pricing and contacting me are under this section. You'll find my pricing guides, which at the bottom of the page I will say when those pricing guides were updated last and you'll find a contact form so that we can start planning your big day or special shoot!



When I launched this website back in March, I didn't even begin to think of how far I was going to take myself with photography and the adventures I got to go on. I'm really thankful for those that have come around the website and have seen my work grow. There's more to come in the last two months of 2016, but even more exciting things in 2017! Can't wait to share more photos and stories with you guys :)