Gavin & Sophia | Haystack Rock - Cannon Beach, OR

If you haven't gathered yet, I recently moved back to Oregon after leaving the YMCA mid-April. It was by far not easy and I moved down here without a clue as to what I would do with my life. All I knew though was I had my camera in tote and adventures to be had.

Fast forward to July though and I'm serving at Life Center's Student Summer Camp. Wouldn't have missed that camp for the world as those students mean a lot to me. I got to serve alongside some stellar leaders whose hearts were for the students. Amongst those leaders were Sophia and Gavin. Sophia is currently an intern at Life Center and Gavin a big goofball (in the best way possible). Funny thing is, I'd been meaning to want to work with them, but it just never worked out or we just didn't communicate.

Lucky for them though, I had a friend who rented out their beach house to Sophia and a few of her friends, which then gave us the opportunity to do a shoot together! I had a blast and I can't wait until we do our next shoot!

Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock

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