Edward & Courtney | Mt. Hood, OR - Snowposal

What was that? I couldn't hear you over my cold soul, haha. Leading up to February 24 I had the opportunity to put together an elaborate proposal with Edward. He and Courtney met in college and live down here in Portland.

Tilly Jane A-Frame was a special place for them and well ... it's where we ended up hiking towards. Kind of. We got part way before we realized that it was too cold and we'd run out of time before Courtney would show up on the trail herself.


We had more than enough time and part of that was Courtney didn't quite understand the rush that her friend was making of it all. What should have been 30 minutes of Edward and I waiting for her to come up the trail turned into almost 2 hours.


Two hours in the snow. Two hours in the cold. Two hours where Edward and I thought we had died and were having an out of body experience waiting for Courtney to show up.

Every passing group of people made the wait colder.

But then Courtney showed up! FINALLY!

To make it even better, she said yes. So the 2 hours was kind of worth it. Well, no. It was worth it.

For the record to any of my 2019 clients - no. I'm done with snow for the time being. I'm also done snowshoeing for the next year. So come back in 2020, haha.

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