Dylan Patty | Los Angeles, CA

When you get put into uncomfortable or different situations it's either sink or swim. The fact that I almost typed "swink" goes to show that even in life I'm indecisive of what I want to do, ha.

If you've known me for more than a minute you'd know that being a photographer was never the plan. It was going to dental school and becoming an orthodontist. Funny how life turns out, right? Anyway, in September I changed my business name and in doing so it avalanched into a full on rebrand.

That was never the plan, but again, life has a funny way of doing its own thing.

Between the name change and this past April, I not only shot digital, but added film back into my life. I didn't realize though that adding film back in would result in studying it. The colors. The texture. The way the film comes out due to lighting.

First the name change. Then the website. Then the style.

I found a style that I wanted for the rebrand. I wanted that film look back into my photos.



I went down to LA for what was supposed to be a wedding. It ended up not happening because the couple found a different photographer. Ticket in hand, a city to explore, and friends to see I took the opportunity to just exist, ha.

On one of the days though my buddy Dylan took me out to LA and we shot around. He really pulled me out of my comfort zone because around me were buildings. The concrete jungle. His photos though sat on my hard drive for way too long and it was because after that shoot all the stuff above happened. His photos were the first photos to go through the wringer (quite an exaggeration, haha) of my new presets. The presets that have now become the foundation of Iron & Rye's style.

I've been excited to share these because I was stuck for a bit with the new name and an old style. Anyway, enough words, enjoy his photos. Go check out the full gallery with the link below.