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As a business owner, I live and breathe by my planner. My life is already a mess and I rely on my planner to somewhat keep things together, haha. While I live and breathe by my planner, there was a time where I wasn't using it like I do now and that's because I couldn't find a planner that was for me. I mean, in middle and high school I would use the planners they gave us, but then after that it just seemed a little too difficult to find one that fit my needs. I hope I'm not alone in this thought.

Looking back at those planners that I used in middle and high school, what made them so great (at the time) was that the pages where I would write down assignments, meetings, or events could be customized to my needs. So either it had headings for each subject matter (middle school) or it simply had enough space to record seven periods worth of life with weeks at a time (high school). They also had pockets for pictures, but that was an added bonus.

When I got to college though, that's when things went awry because my university didn't have planners like that. In fact, I don't think they had University of Portland branded planners ...

Because of that I ended up buying store bought planners for my freshman and sophomore year of college. Since they weren't customized or customizable I used the planners as quick as people forget their New Years Resolutions meaning I'd use them in January & February and then again once the new term started in September & October. Some of these planners were $12.00 and I wasn't even using 8 months worth of it. Talk about a major waste of a planner and money!

Going into my Junior year though I knew I was going to be a lot busier and needed a planner that was going to work with my needs. Having a bit of a design background helped! So I opened up a Word Document (I didn't have InDesign yet!) and got to work. Went to the local FedEx and had them spiral bound it. It wasn't anything special or over the top, but it did what I needed it to: meet my needs and keep my life together.

I liked it so much that I did it again for my spring semester of classes. Needless to say, since Fall of 2011, I've been designing my planners and they've continued to take on the customization that I've always needed. I no longer use a Word Document as I've upgraded to InDesign (no more cringe!), but the design and intent is still the same - meet my needs of what life is throwing at me.



I'm a research kind of guy and before I even started designing my 2018 planner I thought, "Why don't I purchase one this year?" I think part of me wanting to purchase one was because my previous designs had been so basic, but this thing called "being an adult" made me want to have more to my planner. With my research I found three really great planners: Passion Planner, Happy Planner, and Erin Condren Planners.

They were great ... but they also had too much going on for me, one didn't have enough, and the other I got too indecisive with a color scheme that I gave up.

Like I'd done in the past, I sat down and started designing and what I came up with was the planner for me ... again. It meets the needs of my adult life and it has the color scheme that I was looking for. I designed this planner though with the bells and whistles because I wanted to put it out there for others to have the opportunity to customize their planner. After all, it's the thing that keeps your life together for the next year, so you might as well have some say what goes into it and what it looks like.

With that, head on over to my new Design Shop by clicking here. Once there you can see the default designs of the planner. There is a pre-purchase questionnaire that allows me to have the information to design your planner the way you want it to look.

While I'm known as a photographer, this is the first design product of what I hope to be many to come. (Next product: journals!)

Since this is my first design product and I want this to be special for you, I'm providing a 15% discount on all planners when your order is submitted by August 24, 2017. The promotional code is listed on the Design Shop page.