Colin Blyther | Rattlesnake Ridge

Back in 2009 I shot with my very first real model. I was so proud of those photos, haha. Looking at them now, I laugh. Not because of who I worked with, but because I've grown as a photographer since then. Luckily, I still have those photos laying around on an external hard drive and will include them in this post.

Anyway, fast forward 8 years and I find myself working with the same model, but this time without the brick walls, haha. Colin, thanks man! We'll have to do another shoot when it's not pouring down rain! Granted, this post is coming at you in September, I guess that's what happens mid/late-April when you're in the Pacific Northwest, haha. Rain.


Below are just a few photos from that 2009 photo shoot with Colin. Gotta love those brick walls, haha.


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