Chase & Ruby | Portland, OR Engagement Session

As I get back into the swing of blogging and posting on my website, I'm having a lot of fun going through old sessions that ultimately didn't get their time and day during that dark season of my life. Anyway, last weekend I spent nearly two hours in the snow. At one point I thought I died, haha.

Looking back at this session from early October is making me wish two of the following things:

1. Summer weather
2. Fall weather

Now, don't get me wrong, I love winter and snow, but I think I'm all wintered out after last weekend!



Little did Chase, Ruby, and myself know, but we all grew up near each other. While Chase and Ruby met at youth group and started dating from there, I was down in Oak Harbor getting ready to head to the University of Portland. While I'm not a part of their story of coming together, our lives crossed as we all attended the University of Portland together.

Funny how life brings people together and makes this world seem small. I had a blast doing their session back in October of 2017 and I'm so excited for you guys with your upcoming September wedding. Wishing and praying for the best for you guys!

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