Callan Cochran | Gresham, OR Lifestyle Session

Let's talk about procrastinating, but also a little bit of self-care, haha. I haven't been the best at updating my website this year and the reality is there's no one to blame except for myself. So if you'd like to be a website/social media manager for a stipend send me an email. I'm partially joking because that costs money, but also not joking because I need help, haha.

Anyway, to give you an idea of how far back I am on updating my website with relevant content (this isn't even relevant anymore) Callan was born on Christmas Day and as of today he is currently 6 months old. He doesn't even look like this little old grandpa. He looks very much like his dad, haha.

Here's to you my little pseduo-nephew! Love you a bunch kiddo. Can't wait to not say "no" to your cute little self.

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