Aidan McCarthy | Portland Model

Ever since I graduated from the University of Portland, I've made a trip down to Portland during the Veteran's Day Weekend. I also got a tattoo each time I went down. Nothing has changed as this last Veteran's Day Weekend I ventured down to Portland for the fourth November in a row.

I also got a tattoo. Olive branch for those wondering.

I guess that's how traditions start though, right? You do something often enough and consistent that you get a tradition.

This time around though I decided to reach out to some models that were in the area because I've been wanting to work with new people in the cities that I go to. I'm glad Aidan got back to me and that we were able to make something work with such short notice. Looking forward to work with him again. Be sure to check out his Instagram by clicking here. These photos will also be on my Instagram.

Model: Aidan McCarthy