You guys should have seen how many times I wrote something and then scratched it out because I thought it sounded stupid, and then I realized that’s the story of my life - I think everything I say sounds stupid. 

So here we are and I’m going to just write and not look back. Let’s all just cross our fingers and throw up a prayer or two that this ends shortly and it makes some sense.

How did that sound? I’m too afraid to read it back to myself.

But really, it’s March and we’re three months into 2017 and I have yet to update my website of any content. It might be because 2017 started off with shooting projects right out of the gates and I’ve been swimming in editing wishing it would all end. At one point I thought to myself, “Finals sounds sweeter than editing photos. Take me back to college.”

Then I laughed and realized that I wouldn’t do so well in college if I did a second pass, haha.

I’m serious.

I’m going on rabbit trails. I’m writing this blog, for those that have kept reading, to just say hi and let you guys know how I’m doing so far. Maybe even introduce myself to those that are new or those who have forgotten about me.



My name is Rick Baleros and I’m the one behind Baleros Photography. I wish I could say that there was more, but it’s just me and it’s been that way for the last couple of years now as I’ve grown and rebranded. It’s been that way since I’ve found what I really love shooting.

As far as who I am, I’m 26 years old and I grew up on Whidbey Island graduating from the local high school back in 2009. I then moved to Portland for college I studied Biochemistry and Psychology with my time at the University of Portland. What a doozy that was. After college I moved back to Washington and lived in Puyallup for a year before moving to Tacoma, which is where I currently reside. I finished my Masters at UW where I received an MC in Digital Media Communications. Again, a doozy that was.

Now I’m here, running a business and working for a non-profit as well. I don’t know how I do it. I have managed to maintain friendships throughout the years. I’ve also managed to live a life all while trying to go to bed by 10:30pm. 10:30 pm is the new all nighter.

I bet some of you might be wondering how I stumbled into photography because the truth is it was never my intentions to make it a business. It really starts with the fact that I kept taking my dads camera when I was 10 and taking pictures while trying to put the camera back in the right place. I always got caught. I was never good at being sneaky. It's probably because Filipinos also don't know how to whisper.

So he bought me my own camera and the rest is history. I mean, I used to take photos of still objects and landscapes, but one year someone asked me to do their senior photos. Actually, from then on the rest is history as far as how I became a portrait photographer.

That’s it. I mean, there’s more intricacies of behind the scenes and how I got to be a wedding photographer. I’m sure I’ll write about that throughout the year.

Until then, I hope you come back and that you’re just as excited of some updates that are much needed.



Like I said, I’m planning on doing some major updates to the website as I’ve been shooting left and right throughout the year. Some weddings/engagements and some with models, which has been a big move for me as I’m hoping to do more work with models this year.

Honestly though, this year has been great and while there have been some hard moments I have loved every moment of this year. This is definitely a year of continuing to grow, learn, and push myself. Again, hope you come back! Feel free to subscribe via e-mail if you’d like to be kept in the loop of when I publish new content. You can do that by going to the bottom of this blog right above the comment section.

Lastly, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@balerosphotography) if you’d like to see more content as I try and post there on Monday’s, Wednesday,’s and Friday’s! Reality is I post whenever I can, which sometimes ends up being on other days of the week, haha.

Thanks guys!

- Rick Baleros