Portland, OR & Seattle, WA Photographer


01. My brother is 10 years older than me and we almost shared a birthday. \\ 02. I have a man crush on Milo Ventimiglia. \\ 03. From the time I was 8 until I was 20 I wanted to be an orthodontist. \\ 04. I'm left handed and wanted to write a book when I was 16 titled, "It Just Doesn't Feel Right." \\ 05. I graduated from the University of Portland where I studied Biochemistry & Psychology. \\ 06. I co-wrote a blog in college about my adventures in the library. Ask me about it! \\ 07. I LOVE WHISKEY. \\ 08. The Notebook & Mean Girls are two of my all-time favorite movies. \\ 09. I low-key compete against the person next to me on the other treadmill. \\ 10. I love Jesus.


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The most obvious fact that I haven't listed is the fact that I'm a photographer, but I'm sure you gathered that one on your own. The truth is, photography was never meant to be more than a hobby. Photography was always about taking my dad's camera when I was younger and taking photos of my toys, objects around the house, or the same dumb street sign right outside. Like honestly, I took too many photos of that sign, haha.

It was never meant to be this.

But I decided to go on an adventure and see where my camera could take me. And it's taken me to some pretty cool places where I've photographed weddings, styled shoots, and a good old selfie on my personal trips. Nonetheless, my camera has been there every step of the way capturing those stories, the people, and the adventures that I've been on.

Through it all, I always came back home from those places with photos that will stand against time and stories that could fill a book or two to share with others.